About the Odd Couple


I am Nicholas Wyman host of the Odd Couple of Meeples. I been board gaming and Miniature gaming most of my life. I even remember gaming most of my childhood. I got really into the hobby with Magic the Gathering. After Magic I started playing miniature based games like Warhammer. I like playing heavy thinking games(Euros) and war games the most. I enjoy teaching new players about the hobby and meeting new people who game to add to our list of friends. My wife and I love playing board games together. I currently live in New York with my soulmate and wife(Gaming Partner) Heather Wyman.



I’m Heather Wyman and I have been playing games since my husband Nicholas introduced me to the more impressive games soon after we met.  Not long after I began it became a love for gaming.  I’ve found that like my taste in music, I’m an  eclectic type of gamer meaning I like a little bit of everything from Euro to cube pushing to cards.  I found my biggest influence usually comes from themes such as a love for almost anything Lovecraft to a love for cuteness.  I like to teach games but mostly I love to learn new games and meet new people and share stories and experiences as we go.  My opinion is we can always use a new friend and its a bonus if they’re a gamer too.